Solve Warfighter needs at Market Speed

CyberWorx tackles cyber challenges through strategic collaborations and innovative practices. Our design activities partner airmen, cadets, industry, and academic experts to solve tough operational problems for the AF.

We focus on delivering needed, agile updates back to warfighters and, in the process, educate airmen and cadets about innovative strategies using design thinking and agile methods of design.

Airmen working together

Bring us your Toughest Problems

Have a problem that needs be solved? CyberWorx can help! We provide the resources and expertise that deliver innovative solutions to your toughest problems.

We are always looking for problems that directly affect airmen with the room to develop innovative solutions that would result in more lethal and effective warfighters. Some of the areas that we have produced solutions for include:

  • Cyber Command & Control
  • STEM and Cyber Outreach
  • Multi-Domain Command & Control
  • Smart Bases
  • Space Situational Awareness
  • Cyber Risk in Mission Assurance
  • 21st Century Cyber Education
  • and more...

What's the Process?

Contact Us

Fill out a contact form to send us an email and let us know you have a problem! Or you can visit our design studio and chat with our team to see if the CyberWorx toolkit is the right fit for your challenge.


Narrow the Focus

We kickoff our projects with a discovery event where we bring in military and government users that have experience in the problem area to both scope and flesh out the problem, identifying such items as barriers, current work being done, and other potential stakeholders.


Plan Our Approach

Not all problems are created equally. We will evaluate your specific problem and the outcomes of the discovery session and match it with the design format that will best meet the needs of the problem. We host a combination of Design Sprints, Hack-a-thons, and Rapid Prototyping Events to uncover the problem, develop solutions and deliver them to you, the warfighter.


Build the Team

We ask our stakeholders and other military leadership to send airmen and other government users to participate in the design project. At the same time, our Partner Intermediary, C-TRAC, works diligently to recruit industry partners nationwide to participate alongside our military and government users.


Execute the Design Project

We provide consulting with our stakeholders to identify the needs, barrier, desired outcomes and more. Once we have our plan and team, we take care of the rest. We create and oversee the design activity that will best meet your strategic goals.


Capture the Results

Following the design activity, our team collects and analyzes all of the outcomes. But we do more than just hand you a report - we provide recommended paths forward that meet your goals and facilitate the steps to transition or commercialize the outcomes.


Follow-up and Next Steps

We follow-up and work together for next steps. Whether you have an innovative technology that needs developed or an organizational restructure, we stay connected in order to keep moving forward and help get your solutions implemented. Whether they require further R&D at an Air Force lab, transition to an industry accelerator, or funding for further prototyping, we engage with the broader Air Force and DoD innovation ecosystem to fast-track solutions where necessary.