Air Force Innovation by Design

AF CyberWorx is a dynamic organization partnering a variety of innovative problem solvers - airmen, cadets, industry, and academia - to reimagine how technology might enrich and protect our nation, businesses, and lives. As a human-centric design center, we seek out unique ways to connect Air Force warfighters with solutions that feature current and future technology in meaningful ways.

We encourage innovation and collaboration at the heart of our toolbox and offer an array of potential solutions to each problem faced. We look to transfer, license, and share promising prototypes, solutions, and knowledge with our partners to create value for both the warfighter and industry as this is the best way toward operational advantage.


An Imperative Mission

Partnering with AF CyberWorx provides airmen and cadets with the opportunity to work with real-world practitioners, creating teaming environments that will help with their leadership skills in their Air Force careers.

Airmen and cadets are immersed in the concepts of collaboration, innovation, and fearlessness when solving tough problems--something they aren't exposed to in a regular squadron or classroom.


Located at the United States Air Force Academy


AF CyberWorx stood up in the fall of 2016 and has already tackled several AF problems using human-centered design as our methodology. This approach focuses on rapid prototyping and teaches a willingness to take risks. We try to fail fast so that we can succeed sooner.


AF CyberWorx is based at the Air Force Academy to harness the ingenuity of 4,000 digital-native airmen and cadets and more than 100 Ph.D. faculty members, its vibrant research partnerships with industry, as well as the growth of the cyber business sector in Colorado Springs.


AF CyberWorx educates airmen and cadets while simultaneously partnering with industry to solve cyber problems facing our nation. The AF CyberWorx team recognizes the significant advances enabled through industry partnerships and has structured a mission around these synergistic relationships.