The Cyberworx Vision

War-Winning Innovations For and By the People of the Air Force.

Located at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA), CyberWorx seeks to immerse cadets and operational airmen in agile and creative problem-solving methods through teaching, orienting towards the future, unleashing cognitive diversity, communicating, and harnessing technology.

CyberWorx was founded to accelerate operational advantages by fostering a move toward a simpler, more intuitive and agile Air Force created by Airmen innovators.

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The Cyberworx Mission

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Innovate We strive to create intuitive solutions that overcome barriers to efficient & effective mission execution.

Collaborate We team with industry & operators to deepen problem definition, diversify ideas, and to speed delivery.

Educate We use project-based learning to grow airmen innovators and drive cultural changes that embrace failure & risk on the path to success.


The Future of Cyberworx

a rendering of the new Cyberworx building

CyberWorx aims to speed the delivery of capabilities to the warfighter through human-centered design, public partnering, rapid prototyping and testing. The future of CyberWorx is a bright one that will rapidly expand capabilities through a new facility and greater integration of the Cyber at USAFA enterprise.

The 40,000 sq foot building will be constructed through a public private partnership with the USAFA Endowment and will boast technology enhancements and include state-of-the art immersive labs and maker spaces. The building is designed to bolster CyberWorx's project capacity by providing the technology and space needed to host 10 projects concurrently.

A single facility will bring together all of the cyber-related programs at the Academy for a holistic and strengthened ecosystem. The cyber ecosystem is comprised of CyberWorx, USAFA Department of Computer and Cyber Sciences (DFCS), Academy Center for Cyberspace Research (ACCR), and the Department of Homeland Security’s Center of Innovation (CoI). Each of these outstanding programs brings a unique strength to the Cyber at USAFA ecosystem.

DHS Center of Innovation (CoI) utilizes their vital technology scouting expertise and intra-agency connections to cultivate significant partnerships across government and industry. These partnerships have resulted in the enhancement of DHS and other federal entities through the delivery of key technologies.

ACCR is the research program of DFCS that has a long-standing history in cybersecurity research. Currently, their portfolio supports the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) through research to create provably secure systems, as well as supports the Air Force and Department of Defense by validating operational cyber capabilities through applied research and development.

The building is designed to bolster CyberWorx’s project capacity by providing the technology and space needed to host 10 projects concurrently. New labs will support innovation in the following areas:

• Robotics & Autonomous Systems
• Industrial Controls & Platform Security
• Cyber security, Networking, Radio Frequency, and Telecommunications
• Immersive Environments, Data Visualizations, & Decision-Support
• Forensics & Reverse Engineering
• Cross-Domain Integration & C2
• Cyber Training
• Policy, Strategy, Cyber Law, Ethics & Digital Humanities

Partipants in a maker space