Human-Centered Design at Cyberworx

CyberWorx is solving real, multi-faceted military problems to foster war-winning innovations that support a more agile and intuitive Air Force.

Human-centered design achieves success by using empathy and human-centered solutions that actually work for our airmen. The transdisciplinary design approach teases out meaningful solutions that are intuitive and desirable to airmen. Teams use techniques of rapid, low-fidelity prototyping to find out what ideas work, don't work, and can be made better to improve the end-user's experience.

We deliberately reach across academic and industry specialties to bring diverse perspectives to problems in a non-threatening environment and evoke ideas that would otherwise be missed or stifled. To create diverse problem-solving teams, we bring together airmen from operators through decision and policy makers and partner with industry innovators and academia. Our collaboration promotes bold, new creative solutions that benefit the warfighter by combining non-traditional individuals, enhanced by a rich diversity of thought.

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implement and measure



DESIGN (verb): To create with intention to positively impact an experience

We draw our toolkit from industry best practices, offering engaging, collaborative, productive design services. Together, we dissect & define our toughest problems, and equip operators and decision-makers to create a better Air Force. We have a balanced pipeline of breakthrough solutions, ranging from small to large in scale, that help to lower the bar to allow for more innovation with meaningful impacts.

Beyond the strategy of innovation, we fuel the culture of innovation. CyberWorx aims to encourage airmen to try new things and make largely unconscious decisions that permeate an organization. We want our airmen to strive for an Air Force that pushes beyond the status quo and adapt solutions that exponentially expand their war-fighting capabilities.

If it doesn't work for people, it doesn't work. Our approach puts the people at the center of every design to ensure the solution meets the needs to enhance the warfighter, not stifle their agility. Our goal is always to create the best solutions that adds value to our airmen and our design services place the warfighter at the center of all that we do. By fostering collaboration between partners with a wide variety of backgrounds, we are able to capture the essence of human needs from every perspective.

Innovation doesn't come from settling with the everyday status quo. Innovation often comes from the spark of an individual who has identified a challenge and demands a change. People face problems and solutions should always solve the problem for the person for true change to occur.

Designing solutions that fit people means first re-thinking an opportunity in terms of what people actually need. The technical and organizational factors become the means to achieve that end.

Design is a scientific, repeatable process that anyone can do. Innovation is more than just continuous ideation or brainstorming. It is a process that needs continued reinforcement and continuous improvement. Innovation is iterative and requires open minds and participants that are eager to be flexible to foster change.

The first, most obvious idea is rarely the best. Anyone can solve problems more creatively with the right mindset and tools. CyberWorx has developed a full set of tools and approaches which we tailor to each unique challenge.

We have designed solutions for vastly different challenges and have found that each problem is unique. Our experience and toolset allow us to cater our design services to meet the needs and goals of each individual design question. Our model helps clients move beyond simple idea generation and push toward transition or commercialization of solutions for the warfighter.