January Newsletter - 2019


Jan Newsletter 2019 CyberWorx

January 2019 Newsletter - #AFCTM Sprint Delayed, Yet Successful 

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Last week, we had a slow start due to the snow storm on Tuesday; but, AF CyberWorx was able to recover and have a successful #AFCTM Sprint. Six teams split into groups of six and worked together to solve challenges related to Air Force's Cyber Talent Management. 

We'll have a press release and report prepared in a few weeks on the solutions that were proposed, but in the meantime, check out the photos taken during #AFCTM on our Flickr page. 

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How to Sprint with AF CyberWorx

How to Sprint with AF CyberWorx

How to Sprint with AF CyberWorxYou’ve been selected to attend one of AF CyberWorx’s Design Sprints. Congratulations! We are so excited to have you participate with us during our workshop; but, you will soon learn that our sprints are a little different than most workshops. Today, before attending the upcoming sprint, we’ll review what a Design Sprint is, what to expect as a participant of a Design Sprint, an example of a sprint schedule, and attendee reminders

What is a Design Sprint?