AF CyberWorx's CyberNext events bring industry technology before Air Force personnel to demonstrate what capabilities exist and to find potential Air Force applications.

During the SmokeVPN CyberNext event, members of Introspective Networks, 24th Air Force, and Air Force CyberWorx collaborated to answer the question, "How might we best operationally leverage a VPN system that uses a streaming one-time key protocol and implements port/route hopping?"

Airmen collaborating at the Cyberworx event


The event highlighted Introspective Network's SmokeVPN technology, which provides protection against not only current cryptanalysis, but also potential future capabilities posed by quantum computing. Additionally, SmokeVPN defends against many traditional netowork-borne attacks.

Introspective Networks demonstrated their SmokeVPN by displaying a moving target defense, uptime log, and ping latency. After the demonstration, the group brainstormed and then narrowed down impactful use cases for the technology in an Air Force environment.

Use Cases

The group ideated on and grouped uses cases based on which could have the largest mission impact, would be the easiest to field, and piqued the most interest for participants with experience in a problem domain. Each of these use cases was explored in-depth:

1. Encrypted data channels to transfer email between servers and from servers to clients
2. Enhance security of critical infrastructure (ICS, SCADA, etc.)
3. Enhance security of legacy weapon systems